Recycled 4 x 4 Pillar Candles

When we pour wax in the molds to make our pillar candles, there is always some that spills onto the table top. After a while this spilled wax builds up and is scraped off the tables and molds. We melt this wax which is a mixture of fragrance and colors back down and pour it into the pillar molds again. This is how we make these unique recycled 4 x 4 pillar candles. Each batch of candles we make are different from the next in both color and scent. These candles should be burned long enough for the liquid wax pool to get near the edge of the pillar each time then put out. Doing this each time will make your candle burn the longest and use up the wax all the way to the bottom. What It Smells Like A random blend of strong fragrances from previous pourings make these unique.

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