Honeywood Pillar Candle Holder Set

This beautiful 2 piece candle holder set adds a touch of style to your arrangements. The set consists of one 15.5 inch and one 12.5 inch tall candlestick. These wooden holders can be used for both taper and pillar candles. Using these tall candle holders will add height to your displays and allow you to add decorative accents below the candles. The hole in the top will fit a standard size taper candle. There is plenty of room on the top to place a candle ring or beaded garland around the taper. The inset for holding pillar candles is 3 inches in diameter to you may have to shave a little bit of wax off around the base of our 3 inch pillar candles to have them fit correctly. The base of the holder is a 4 inch square with felt pads to protect table surfaces. The top square is 3.5 inches across.

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