Outdoor Pillar Candle Citronella

Our Citronella outdoor pillar candle is a perfect replacement for a tiki torch and would create a beautiful ambiance on your patio or deck. Burn Our 6×6 candle during the cool of the evening when relaxing after a hard days work or to illuminate your night time summer parties. The large outdoor candle has a single cotton fiber wick that prevents it from being blown out by gusts of wind and produces a lot of light. They are made out of real wax so this outdoor pillar should not be left outside in the high heat of summer days or if temperatures will get below freezing because it could melt or crack. Do not burn this candle inside your home. The large wick will produce soot similar to that of a tiki torch. It should also be set on a plate or candle holder to keep wax off your deck railings or table surface. What It Smells Like: Citronella Ceylon Oil has a well rounded lemon citrus scent, though it is much softer than actual Lemon. It also has subtle wood tones. Its common use is to deter pesky insects.

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