Musical Birthday Candles Football

These football musical birthday candles are a great addition to the party any time of year but are even a bigger hit during the football season. Light up one of these unique candles at your next party and watch how your guests smile. The football musical birthday candle starts off closed up in the shape of the ball, hiding the candles inside. Once the candle is lit, the large center flame lights the 8 small birthday candles which are attached to each of the 8 panels of the ball. Then the musical football candle opens up and starts to slowly spin. While the candle is turning it also plays the Happy Birthday song. When the musical candle is open it is approximately 7 inch diameter x 4.5 inches tall. There is a wide plastic foot on the base which allows the candle to sit neatly on top of the cake without having to be stuck down in. The small candles are each attached to one of the wide panels which catch the dripping wax keeping it off of the cake. The musical candles can only be used 1 time. They have been approved by the FDA for use with food.. What It Smells Like: unscented, no fragrance.

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